Well the last two days have been eventful.
I spent yesterday morning cleaning the kitchen, making my bed, strategically putting fans around the house, and loading the truck with my horse stuff. Then Nicole called to say I could come over. We then spent the next 3 hours making a Sigma Aloha display board for the organization fair Wednesday. Then we ate dinner. After dinner we drew outlines on some mdf board (i had gotten it for class and then found out i didn’t need it) to make us some smaller letters. We then took those to my uncles house to cut out. Covered in saw dust we loaded the letters back into my truck, cleaned up our messed as best as we could, and both headed home for showers.

Today I got up early so I got dressed and went to return some stuff at home depot. Then i met nicole at her church for worship. After that we went to home depot to get spray paint and walmart for a few other things. Then we went to see her mema. We then took the letters and started decorating. We realized we needed more paint so headed back to get more. Then got some gas. Headed back to her memas and ate lunch. Then finished the letters. I then took her home so she could go feed her pony while i went and fed my ponies and road leia while bauss followed like a puppy dog. I put them back and headed back to the dorm. I spent the last hour changing the inner tube in my bike tire. That actually didn’t take to long. The getting my chain back on (because it was the back tire) is why it took so long. By the time i finished my hands were black and greasy. I then realized i don’t have an air pump or quarters to go fill the tire up. So i have to wait till tomorrow and do it at nicoles. HOPEFULLY i did it correctly and it works! 🙂

If so, and it doesnt rain me and nicole are gonna go bike riding and horse riding 🙂

Well thats it for now. I’m gonna fund some food and crash i am poop!

Night y’all!

XOXO Ashley 🙂


Tuesday small update

Well. My daddy goes home tomorrow. It was nice spending the last day with just him today for most of it. My pap and jeremy are also heading home tomorrow so keep all 3 of them in your thoughts for safe travels.

Also, wanted to congratulate Jessica on her soccer game today. While her team ended up not winning, she played really well & was in most of the game!

That’s all for now. Good night all 🙂
XOXO Ashley 🙂

Last Monday in Texas

Until December most likely anyway…

Today I packed everything up for school except the items I will need the next few days. Then for the most part I pinned future skinny me outfits on Pinterest and hung out outside with the puppies.
Then I went to see Jonathan for the last time this summer to hang out a bit and see the new horses he has in for training. And let me tell you Pokey has gained a bunch of weight! I almost didnt recognize him!
Then I went out to my barn and me mom and dad went on a final trail ride while rach gave apollo a bath.

Thursday should be quick and easy to load my horses up and head to TN. They now load by themselves, and unload by themselves. I dont even have to swing the divider open for leia to get in anymore 🙂

This school years gonna be odd without my parents living close anymore. I’m sure I will get home sick. And now I will have to make sure I don’t forget anything, because theres no driving home to get it on the weekends!

Well I’m off to bed! night y’all!

XOXO Ashley 🙂


I haven’t updated in a while so i’ll just hit the high notes, and hopefully get back to it.

So i havent been going to my internship in a few weeks because Jonathan has been having some medical issues. I’m not entirely sure how long he’s out or even how he’s doing :/

I’ve gone to work with mom three times now. Two days i organized all of her files from the lady before her and then yesterday i was just there for company because she was dealing with stuff about her mom whos in the hospital again, not sure about the severity of it…

I’ve been doing weight loss for a month, today, and have lost a little over 10 pounds. Between weight watchers and atkins. I found that atkins is workin better for me so i stopped weight watchers. It is harder, but once you get passed the first three days its easy peasy.

I have started working on bauss and leia to make sure they will trailer load much easier than when we brought them here, and they are golden. We are feeding them in the trailer every day now so when we finally head back to tn they wont know what is coming.

Speaking of tn. We will be heading back to school in 2 weeks. And have decided that i will be keeping dads truck till we come back to tx for winter break. That way when we drive up in two weeks we wont be taking 3 cars up, just two, and someone can help with the horses.

Oh and for those who dont know, earlier this week me and bauss had a little accident where he jumped on my foot (while i was wearing sperry like shoes, not boots) and bruised my whole foot super bad. I couldnt walk the first day it happened or have any thing remotely on it like ice. Thankfully nothing was broken. He was very upset when it happened 😦

Oh and last night dad helped me get the little door of my truck to open, and patched some rust holes on my hood. He painted the whole hood primer too so now i need to get some red paint to match it to the truck.

Well i think thats it. I’m probably going to start packing for school soon and what not just so i’m not last minute rushing :).

XOXO Ashley 🙂


I know i havent posted in a while and i appologize. I’ve decided there really isnt a point in going back and filling in the missing days.

Today I wanted to post something a little differently. This hasnt been the best week of my life and it surely hasnt been the worst. But I just want to tell you all to keep close the ones you love and never loose touch of old friends.

When I was in middle school i became friends with a really great and cute guy. He even used to joke that if we ever got married he would take my last name so his name could be patrick starr. I remember taking classes with him because he wasnt the brightest and always needed my help to get him to pass in school. One day he didnt show up for class and i heard he was in the er because he had been in a car wreck and has some bleeding but they werent sure where. I cried that day. And when he came back the following week he had been told, and the first thing he did when he saw me was give me a wonderful hug and told me he was okay. When i moved away we slowly lost touch and i never found him again.

Today, however. I just learned that he passed away this morning at 20 years old. I never got to see how his life was going and I dont even know the reason hes gone.

My heart is heavy today. Much love goes with you.

XOXO Ashley.


First off let me say that I have been doing my wii active since last Tuesday, so 11 days now, obviously with some breaks, but I have lost a total of 4.7 pounds :).

On to wednesday..
Lets see wednesday was the last day of our 3 day rain storm so i still couldnt go out to jonathans. So I did some chores around the house and made some little painted signs and that was about it. It was my break day on the wii active so I didnt work out but i rearranged my bed again. My bed now sits on the ground because the frame it was in has wheels on it and it kept moving across the floor whenever someone or a dog jumped on the bed. (And yes the wheels were locked).

I woke up and decided i wanted to go to the barn. So I asked rach and dad if they wanted to go and they said no. So i got dressed ate some breakfast and headed out. When i got out there it was muddy so of course it was a little hard to groom haha. And every time i cleaned feet they just filled back up with mud. The round pens and arena where both closed dude to being wet so i decided to leave. On the way back i thought, i still have a little bit of money in my account so i went to heb and got me some PB2C. Then mom called and asked me to see if HEB had some flowers and me and her where gonna plant them at the hospital. They didnt have them and she told me never mind because she found someone to do it for her. Then i came home and relaxed a while, worked out ob my wii active, got a shower, then went to jonathans. Because it was wet we just lunged pokey and then he put a saddle on midnight for the first time. Met some potential clients. Then i left to meet mom at our barn again. Everything was still closed off so i braided leias hair real good and put some lotion on her sunburnt nose. Then put pony tails in bauss mane. Then walked them to the camel. Leia could care less, bauss still very scared. Then we left went to sonic for dinner and then came home to bed.

I woke up, went on the wii to weigh, made a smoothie then headed to my room. I made a chore chart for my and rachael, did my chores, then made a big dry erase calendar. Then i went tot get ready to go to jonathans and he called to say he hurt himself again so instead we ate dinner and went to our barn. The round pens were open so i lunged both my horses. I was gonna ride bauss but his leg seemed really stiff almost limping so no cantering just trotted him around. Then i did some stretches on his legs and neck and let him just stand a while. He got pretty relaxed. Then dad rode apollo and rach worked out fat gracie, lol. Then we went to heb for groceries. Then came home. I did my wii active. And went to bed.

And thats it 🙂

XOXO Ashley 🙂


Yesterday I got up weighed myself, gained .2, ate breakfast, cleaned my closet, ate lunch, did a low intensity wii active because my back hurt, finished cleaning, went to target, came home and laid down a while, watched a movie with parents but back really hurt so took aleve and pain pill, then cooked ate dinner and went to bed.

Today i got up, weighed myself, gained .2, made dad a wii fir profile, watched movies all day, did my chores, cooked dinner, got a shower, went on pinterest for ideas, and now am off to bed. My bellys upset, and back still hurts so no wii active today. The rains supposed to be gone tomorrow so maybe ill get to go to jonathans.

XOXO Ashley 🙂


Well today I woke up not feeling very well. But I got on my wii anyway. My fit told me i gained .4 bringing me to -1.1. I soon realized when my belly was hurtingw, lady probs. which also prob explained why my back was hurting too. Either way i ate some break fast and went back to bed to lay down. Two hours later i still didnt feel well so i took some aleve and spent the rest of the morning on my laptop making my future barn plans. I then decided to make some no bakes using pb2. They came out awesome. A little to good as i ended up eating four. So when dad got home we sat around a but and then went to the barn. We played with the horses, and just as i was about to have bauss go over jumps dad got sick so we had to come home. So i did my wii active got a shower and am now heading to bed.

My legs are like jello from all the squats and jumping it had me do today.

Night all!

XOXO Ashley 🙂